Our primary purpose is deliver quality service and products to our dental clients and subsequently improve the quality of life for their patients

We can handle all of your reline and repair needs professionally and in a timely manner. All repairs are given the utmost attention to detail from a routine replacement of a tooth to a reline with analogs and attachments. Most repairs can be done the same day * including repairs needing welds, adding flexible clasps and hard or soft relines. 

*Same day restrictions apply



“Flexible Combination” cases are one of our specialties. Flexible combinations can include a cast metal partial processed in conventional hard acrylic with Clear or Tissue toned FRS clasps. In addition to the nylon based Dentsply FRS we have many hybrid solutions for individual cases.


Though Dentsply FRS is superior to Valplast due to its higher tensile/flexural strengths as well as being stain and odor resistant, it is not ideal for all patients. Tooth shaded Themoflex Clasps or Clear/Tissue toned ProFlex clasps that unlike FRS will chemically bond to conventional acrylics.



We offer quality prosthetic appliances to suit any need your patient may have. We stock a wide variety of denture teeth specializing in Dentsply Portrait, Bioform, BioBlend, Vita and Ivoclar as well as the more economical Dentsply Classic and house brands. Partial Dentures can be made with Lucitone acrylic bases and wrought wire, cast metal frameworks and also with the Dentsply Flexible Resin System. Full dentures are all processed in our facility in Lucitone 199 and are trial packed under a hydraulic press to eliminate processing error. We have many years experience processing implant supported full and partial dentures with a variety of attachments. Optimum esthetics without compromising retention and function is achieved by matching the correct attachment with the individual case.

Our mission is to deliver the highest QUALITY product possible at all times while maintaining a top level of SERVICE.


We define QUALITY as our products being manufactured with the best possible materials affordable to the client in a professional manner, while never cutting corners, and keeping a close eye on details.


We define SERVICE as doing our very best to provide the best QUALITY product, manufactured to specification, and delivered on time to the client.

Staff - Benchmark Dental Labs